Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bank Holiday Play Day

Oh my how I love bank holidays. Even better I actually didn't work this one, shocking I know! Saturday I spent the day chilling and getting ready for the MEGA DIY that needed to follow. The lady who lived in my house decided it would be a great idea to paint the dining room  everything black. Don't get me wrong it looked pretty when I saw it in the height of summer but in this weather it sucked.  Plus when all you have in it is a fridge and a table it doesn't look so fancy.

So saturday resulted in an impromptu photoshoot in the sun with the man friend and his post camera. I of course volunteered under great duress ( NAHT) to play model. These are my favourite shots of each outfit.

Bandana: handmade
Shirt: Fred Perry
Short: From Darlings Vintage Shop
Boots: Hand me down vintage (thanks ma!)
Sunnies: Marks & Sparks

Dress: Alfred Shaheen of Honolulu 
 The bits I love most about having my photo taken by the man friend is that he always captures those perfect comedy moments. This was my impression of Rosie the Riveter/ showing I still have my cheerleading guns!
 And well...... not all of us can be blessed with the perfect pin up shape. Shaheen obviously had some slightly more boobylicious ladies to dress before me!
 This was followed the next morning by Mummy DV's excellent breakfast skills and copious amounts of white paint !

Ta-DAH!!!!! A white room, ready for some beautiful things to go in, well, when I find them for 25p or less at a car boot :)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Festival Of Vintage York

Last weekend I popped along to the Festival Of Vintage in York hosted by the ever lovely (and crazy organised) Keely at Discover Vintage. I do always try to attend her events as they are fabulous with lots of entertainment and great quality vintage!

It was lovely to get out and about and finally meet some of our regular customers in the flesh! On the Sunday I also got to take along the wannabe photographer boy with me. I loved it, it was a great excuse to play pin up for the day! Enjoy!

Dress and Bolero: Mary Nash deadstock
Shoes: KG
Scarf: Stolen from the shop!

The ever fabulous @bookishbecca in her DV dress
@bookishbecca (again in DV)
New friend Debbie
myself in BooBooKittyCouture trousers
and a Sainsburys top!

We'll be announcing dates for Summer events later this month so keep an eye on our Facebook page HERE