Friday, 20 December 2013

Festive Friday

Happy friday everyone! I hope you're all ready for the impending festivities. I sadly am tucked up on the sofa with flu. It sucks. A lot. So firstly apologies for the lateness posting new stock to Etsy, hopefully it will be sorted tomorrow morning. In the meantime though I thought I'd spend a little time putting together some rather lovely winter bits to keep you warm. I don't know where you are but up narrth it's frozzzling.

Available from Etsy HERE
Available from Concettascloset
I also have a lovely little winter skirt in my shop HERE

I have to be honest here, I have been stalking the beautiful Sea of Shoes Blog and she always rocks a cream cable knit turtle. I'm so jealous of how good she makes it look. I'd like to think I'd look like some sort of 50s ski bunny in cigarette pants and flats, I would actually probably just look like the drunk girl from the office party doing the walk of shame.

On the note of drunk girls partying can I just say when did the entire population of nightlife in Nottingham become 12?! Where are there mothers? Personally they all need a good pie and a cardigan. So here I give you a way to look cool and avoid hypothermia! 

Available from TulleandTiaraVintage

And for the daytime please wear coats. This is how I ended up with the flu, I never wear a coat. I also insist on wearing summer clothes in winter. I have learnt my lesson, now go buy a coat!

Available from Darlings Vintage - that's me :)

Hope you manage to all stay warm and germ free this holidays! 

Merry Christmas! 

Ellie xx

p.s. Have you entered the giveaway over on The Forties Floozy blog? You should CLICK HERE to take a peek!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Jewels - New Christmas Stock

It's got to that time of year where everyone starts to look at the year gone and start to make plans for the year ahead. For Darlings Vintage this means there is big change - a - coming! For starters new stock is now going to come in only once a week. We'll be previewing the best on here each week and showing you how to style them for an authentic look or a more modern look.

This preview contains the most incredible jewel coloured pieces in emerald, sapphire, ruby and two pieces covered with diamonds and pearls. Enjoy !

They arrive on Etsy on Friday 13th (ooooo spooky!).