Friday, 20 December 2013

Festive Friday

Happy friday everyone! I hope you're all ready for the impending festivities. I sadly am tucked up on the sofa with flu. It sucks. A lot. So firstly apologies for the lateness posting new stock to Etsy, hopefully it will be sorted tomorrow morning. In the meantime though I thought I'd spend a little time putting together some rather lovely winter bits to keep you warm. I don't know where you are but up narrth it's frozzzling.

Available from Etsy HERE
Available from Concettascloset
I also have a lovely little winter skirt in my shop HERE

I have to be honest here, I have been stalking the beautiful Sea of Shoes Blog and she always rocks a cream cable knit turtle. I'm so jealous of how good she makes it look. I'd like to think I'd look like some sort of 50s ski bunny in cigarette pants and flats, I would actually probably just look like the drunk girl from the office party doing the walk of shame.

On the note of drunk girls partying can I just say when did the entire population of nightlife in Nottingham become 12?! Where are there mothers? Personally they all need a good pie and a cardigan. So here I give you a way to look cool and avoid hypothermia! 

Available from TulleandTiaraVintage

And for the daytime please wear coats. This is how I ended up with the flu, I never wear a coat. I also insist on wearing summer clothes in winter. I have learnt my lesson, now go buy a coat!

Available from Darlings Vintage - that's me :)

Hope you manage to all stay warm and germ free this holidays! 

Merry Christmas! 

Ellie xx

p.s. Have you entered the giveaway over on The Forties Floozy blog? You should CLICK HERE to take a peek!

Friday, 13 December 2013

Christmas Jewels - New Christmas Stock

It's got to that time of year where everyone starts to look at the year gone and start to make plans for the year ahead. For Darlings Vintage this means there is big change - a - coming! For starters new stock is now going to come in only once a week. We'll be previewing the best on here each week and showing you how to style them for an authentic look or a more modern look.

This preview contains the most incredible jewel coloured pieces in emerald, sapphire, ruby and two pieces covered with diamonds and pearls. Enjoy !

They arrive on Etsy on Friday 13th (ooooo spooky!).

Friday, 18 October 2013

Dressing for Duxford - Wartime Glamour

One of the wonderful things about having a vintage clothing business is that I'm constantly meeting wonderful people who are passionate about what I do. Holly, whom I met very early on in my journey, has become an extremely good friend. I was super excited to hear she'd entered the best dressed contest at Duxford War Museum and it was my pleasure to dress her for the occasion! Congratulations are in order as she came second over all. Well done Miss Holly ! 

She wore an original novelty print CC41 dress and hat from me. I also leant her a WRAF jacket just incase it rained! Handbag shoes and gloves are all her own. 

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Marlene & Me - A vintage trouser outfit post.

 I had the pleasure of being taken to the lovely World Service in Nottingham last weekend for a belated 21st celebration. It's got one of those awkward smart casual dress codes, wear jeans and you'll be frowned at but wear a cocktail dress and you'll be overdressed.

In the end , and I can tell you it was a rather lengthy process, I chose an outfit inspired by the ever stylish marlene Dietrich. Famous for wearing a trouser suit and looking damn good whilst doing it !
I do adore the trousers I have on here, however every time i look at these pictures it just makes me think how badly I need to take them up. Short legs. *grumblegrumble*

The trousers I'm wearing here were bought two seasons ago in Primark for about £8
The white satin blouse was stolen from the Darlings Vintage shop. You can shop for similar ones HERE
The necklace was £10 on a Spitalfields market stall. 

                                                              Shoes are New look.
The Fur Jacket (I know, I know. Naughty me) is also from the Darlings Vintage Shop. 

I wish you could see me hair better. It actually looked nice for a change.
I'm going to try and do lots more outfit post so do make sure you sign up to follow the blog. I promise you wont regret it ! 

Monday, 2 September 2013

My Best Friends Wedding

Last weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the wedding of two of my closest friends. I am a little ashamed to say that this was my first ever wedding. I've never even been to a reception, let alone be a bridesmaid. I was a really deprived child! I was advised to pack a hanky and oh boy did I need it. I sobbed like a little girl the whole way through. Due to this I am never going to another wedding, they really are far to emotional for me.

The wedding was black and gold themed as they met on the UK cheer squad Unity All Stars.

Either way it was a great excuse for me to roll out a vintage dress. Due to sickness the planned dress didn't fit so I ended up raiding the shop for this beauty by Blanes.

With the girls from my cheer squad.

Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Williams !

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Last weekend I was taken on a delightful little trip to the Nottingham Autokarna at Wolloton Hall. It was such a lovely day but due to my disproportionately large hat there was no hint of tan  :( This is going to be a rather picture heavy post but I'll be back later in the week with some exciting news!

 The good ones were taken by me and the bad ones by Liam. Joke, I take the bad photos. I mean what even is aperture?!

Hat: Sainsburys
Glasses: M&S
Dress: Vintage "Continental"

Cardi and Shoes: M&S
Bag : Fossil

My Favourite car of the day ! 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bank Holiday Play Day

Oh my how I love bank holidays. Even better I actually didn't work this one, shocking I know! Saturday I spent the day chilling and getting ready for the MEGA DIY that needed to follow. The lady who lived in my house decided it would be a great idea to paint the dining room  everything black. Don't get me wrong it looked pretty when I saw it in the height of summer but in this weather it sucked.  Plus when all you have in it is a fridge and a table it doesn't look so fancy.

So saturday resulted in an impromptu photoshoot in the sun with the man friend and his post camera. I of course volunteered under great duress ( NAHT) to play model. These are my favourite shots of each outfit.

Bandana: handmade
Shirt: Fred Perry
Short: From Darlings Vintage Shop
Boots: Hand me down vintage (thanks ma!)
Sunnies: Marks & Sparks

Dress: Alfred Shaheen of Honolulu 
 The bits I love most about having my photo taken by the man friend is that he always captures those perfect comedy moments. This was my impression of Rosie the Riveter/ showing I still have my cheerleading guns!
 And well...... not all of us can be blessed with the perfect pin up shape. Shaheen obviously had some slightly more boobylicious ladies to dress before me!
 This was followed the next morning by Mummy DV's excellent breakfast skills and copious amounts of white paint !

Ta-DAH!!!!! A white room, ready for some beautiful things to go in, well, when I find them for 25p or less at a car boot :)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Festival Of Vintage York

Last weekend I popped along to the Festival Of Vintage in York hosted by the ever lovely (and crazy organised) Keely at Discover Vintage. I do always try to attend her events as they are fabulous with lots of entertainment and great quality vintage!

It was lovely to get out and about and finally meet some of our regular customers in the flesh! On the Sunday I also got to take along the wannabe photographer boy with me. I loved it, it was a great excuse to play pin up for the day! Enjoy!

Dress and Bolero: Mary Nash deadstock
Shoes: KG
Scarf: Stolen from the shop!

The ever fabulous @bookishbecca in her DV dress
@bookishbecca (again in DV)
New friend Debbie
myself in BooBooKittyCouture trousers
and a Sainsburys top!

We'll be announcing dates for Summer events later this month so keep an eye on our Facebook page HERE