Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Journey to the Fatherland Part 3

Sorry for the delay on this, it's been a pretty turbulent week for me :) Anyway that's for tomorrows blog!

On our final day in Cairo we decided to have a chilled day together as a whole family (beau included!). This meant that we didn't get up to early. First we headed to the British embassy to pick up a letter :) Exciting right! It's strange though, military service in Cairo is compulsory, I swear some of the soldiers were only 15 or 16. They were like babies with guns, seriously they have this massive gun slung over their back and they whack it on bollards and cars as they are running eating their sandwiches!
Then we popped over to what is considered one of the best restaurants in town, Kebabky. It was amazing :) I had the best humus I have EVER had and I am a humus connoisseur( pronounced con-osser, it's a family thing :p) You can see from the pictures how fantastic everything is! Plus the service was great! (btw that grill was for all 4 of us, not just me :p)

Oh, and did I mention the meal per person cost less than a Costa coffee and Panini? Mental isn't it!

Then we did what I had been gunning (unintentional bad pun!) to do, TAHIR SQUARE :) It's not that it's physically an amazing place but it's significant because of the revolution. It has a feeling about it like no other place, for me, it's a little bit magical.

There it is ! It is just a roundabout! You can see some tents there still it's essentially an occupy Cairo camp. You can see the Egyptian museum there in the background and can you imagine living in one of those flats when the revolution was happening?!

After that I just wondered through all the back street markets and junk shops to soak up the atmosphere. It really is my favourite thing to do, simply pleasures and all that :)

More soon,

Ellie x <3

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