Monday, 2 July 2012

Llama Llamaface

6 very long months ago I took the photo below of by beautiful big sister (looking like a snail ) before she traipsed off to the southern hemisphere! She ran the Garden of Unearthly Delights in Adelaide, Australia for a number of weeks before heading to New Zealand and then to south America.  In her bag I packed many silly little cards for her to open throughout her journey. The best being the Llama related card.

I don't really know why but me and Rach always revert to being about 4 and 8 when we are together and sing a number of ridiculous songs including "The ladies Bra" made popular by radio 1, and this lovely little llama song.

Please don't watch the whole thing, it's massively tedious.

Taken at Machu Picchu

However her returning home meant two things a night of llama related banter and CAKE! This is my mums beautiful creation! You can find the pictures of family fun below!

My haul from the tacky magnet contest.
An owl for my collection and some baby Alpaca wool.

Llama socks.
Donning my Llama related goodies with my sister!

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