Saturday, 19 January 2013

New Year- A Trip to Wayne Manor

Happy New Year everyone! 

I realise I'm rather late with that one but never mind. I realise I've been a terrible blogger and haven't posted in close to six months. Naughty Naughty!!! So I thought I'd share an exciting little trip I was bullied in to taking the other day. 

Apparently it is compulsory in the new year to go walking. Those of you that know me, know I don't walk, it's cold and I don't understand the point. Me and the man compromised though and instead went somewhere cool, Wollaton Park a.k.a Wayne Manor. It was super chilly so here's me wrapped up trying to keep toasty.

Lipstick- Chanel (Thanks EmilyRose!)

The house is so beautiful from the outside. I have so much appreciation for how much work must have gone in to making it so incredible having grown up in a victorian house that my mum fully restored. The inside is actually a little disappointing. A lot of it has been turned in to learning facilities and all the original features have been covered and all the floors are now cheap school style carpet and they've installed strip lighting. Many of the exhibitions look tired and poorly maintained. Such a shame. 

It was all actually pretty exciting though, I got my photo taken with Batman and spent a lot of time wandering the gardens pretending to be a superhero. Then man told me I had to pose for the obligatory "I'm at Bruce Wayne's house" photo. 

Scarf- thrifted. Faux fur coat-my mums 18th present. Jeans - Sainsburys (shhhh!). Bag - stolen from the shop. Boots- mums hand me downs.

So if you are passing through Nottingham do pay it a visit. It really is lovely, and I can admit (but don't tell the man!) that it is a lovely place to go walking.

Darlings Vintage x

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