Monday, 10 February 2014

VLV Fitness Challenge - Week 2 & 3

So I realise I'm actually pretty behind here already because I started a week late ! Whoops! So Technically the tuesday just gone was the end of week two but I'm going to do my posts on a Friday and we can all just pretend I did week one right ? *winkwink*

This week has actually been much harder than I'd thought. Getting to the gym has been near impossible. Mentally anyway. It's cold and raining outside and I just want to curl up with a cup of coffee.  Luckily I bought Liam an Xbox One for Christmas and who knew there was such a giant fitness app? I will let everyone know how that goes when I try it out.

The recipe trying also slightly failed I tried to make this Broccoli, Avacado and Lime Salad. I , urm , didn't have any avocado. So I did the broccoli and did some pan fried cannolini beans in paprika and chill and served it with a sweet potato mash which was leftover from last nights tea. Holy Moly that dressing is AMAZING. I think I will be putting it on everything fro now on.

Thankfully this week coming I am totally prepared. Food shop done and fingers crossed it should be smooth sailing. Haha joke.

(I'm now coming back to read this a week later)

Said week did not go well. I was SO organised but I forgot I was going to Germany for a week to spend some time with my best friend on his tour with the "12 Tenors." Cue one week on a tour bus with a lot of booze and nothing but McDonalds and sandwiches. Urgh.

Luckily I did the planning before hand so I've just going to re-use the week and start over. D'oh.
Will let everyone knows how it goes on Friday ;)

Keep going everyone !
Ellie x

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