Sunday, 26 January 2014

VLV Fitness Challenge - Starter Post

So the Rockabilly Socialite is holding a Viva Las Vegas fitness challenge so that everyone can make their little goals and achieve something before they go. Some people want to loose weight and some are trying to eat better. Since going back to cheerleading and trying to work more normal hours this year I've been eating pretty much the same things over and over and they aren't always too good for me! On top of that I really want to be in the best shape I can for the Viva pool party and my upcoming cheer comp! This means I want ABS!

So What Are my Goals?

1. Try two new healthy recipes a week - one snack and one main meal
2. To go to the gym at least once a week
3. To have a proper 4 pack for the bikini party!

How Am I going To Do It?!


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